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Front-end Template

奇迹娱乐包网方案 - 前端模板
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Backend System

Payment System

Support multiple payment channels & third-party payment

Affiliate System

Single-tiered & multi-tiered

Backend System Logging

Record backend settings modification

Intelligent Risk Control System

Hedging monitoring

Membership System

Player tier management

Promotion System

Create event & review management

Rebate System

Player & agent rebate flow details

Language System

Support multiple languages

Data Reporting System

Multi-dimensional display of website operation data

Player List

View or edit player profile

Fund Record

Record the history of player fund conversion

Player Tier Management

Flexible adjustment of player tiers

Fund Review

Query player cash flow details


Agent List

View or edit agent information

Affiliate Rank Management

Flexible adjustment of commission/rake level

Change Agent

Flexible adjustment of the player’s agent (can be changed to weekly/monthly settlement)

Independent Domain Name

More convenient for agent to promote


Company Report

Company win or lose

Agent Report

Agent win or lose

Player Report

Player wins and losses & activeness data

Game Report

Game wins and losses & game type proportion data


Historical Records

Bank funds flow details

Audit Function

Deposit reconciliation management

Third-party Payment Gateway

Third-party platform settings

Third-party Payment Records

Third-party capital flow details


Account Management

View or edit account

Departmental System

Manage the operation team efficiently

Permission Settings

Flexible modification of permission


Sports APP

sports betting app 体育包网
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Other Services


Help setting up oversea office & operations


Back office working space




Free consultation

Website Setup Flow

  • 1

    Both parties mutually agree & sign an agreement, the client is required to make an upfront payment for website setup

  • 2
    Provide Content

    Client to provide website-building content & requirements

  • 3
    Website Development

    Website development & technical support

  • 4
    User Acceptance Testing

    (i) Change requests made within 5 days of receiving website.
    (ii) User Acceptance Testing (UAT) after modifications are done. Website must go live within 2 weeks

  • 5
    Launch Website

    Website is LIVE. Maintenance fees will be calculated from here onwards

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