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Asia's Leading White Label Casino & iGaming Platform Provider

Considering starting an online betting platform? Choosing the right white label casino provider among the multitude of options can be overwhelming. Kzing, a pioneer in the iGaming industry with over 10 years of experience, offers one of the most comprehensive white label gaming solutions available today.

Our package includes an advanced online casino back office, multiple mobile-responsive design templates, and access to a vast selection of games such as Live Casino, Slots, eSports, Fishing, Sports, Card Games, Lottery, Video Poker, Jackpot, and Cockfighting. Moreover, our gambling software supports multiple payment options and currencies, including cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re starting a new casino or upgrading an existing one, Kzing is your ideal white label casino solution in the iGaming market. With our ready-made, fully functional websites, you can go live within 7-14 working days. We also offer customizable online gaming software solutions, allowing you to add games from top providers and suggest additional features for the website, backend system, or apps. Choose Kzing and expand your iGaming business with confidence.

What are the advantages of a white label casino solution?

White label casino solution can provide sufficient front-end and back-end support, including site building, operations, after-sales service and 24/7 online support. Operators no longer need to spend time, money and resources to develop the iGaming system, enabling launch to operations in the shortest time-frame possible. In addition, we offer full customization of our white label gaming platform solution. Full customization can offer more independence in terms of operation, despite the longer development time.

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Want to expand your business with minimal manpower, resources and time?

Kzing white label casino solution is what you need!
We have sufficient resources and a professional team to get your iGaming business online in the shortest time possible and increase the profitability of your gaming platform!

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Payment System 支付系统

Payment System

Support multi-currency payment channels & 3rd-party payment providers

Promotion System 优惠系统

Loyalty System

Create promo campaigns & monitor results

Affiliate System 代理系统

Affiliate System

Traditional agency model & universal agency model

Rebate System 返水系统

Rebate System

Agent referral distribution

Backend Control Log System 后台操控日志系统

Backend Control Log System

Recording of backend settings modifications

Language System 语言系统

Language System

Support multiple languages for local markets

Intelligent Risk Control System 智能风控系统

Intelligent Risk Control System

Hedge monitoring

Data Reporting System 数据报表系统

Data Reporting System

Multi-faceted display of website operations data

On top of that, our white label casino solution can also provide fully customized website design, built-in payment channels, 24-hour online customer service, etc.
White label solution cover the rest of work, enabling you to just focus on promoting and growing your iGaming business.

Kzing's White Label Online Casino Solution

Front-end Template Mockup

white label casinos with User friendly interface 奇迹娱乐包网前段模板设计

Template Design

Recommended Templates for Asian Market

Market Development

china white label online casino software 中国包网平台

China White Label Casino Solutions

In recent years, the China iGaming market has gradually become more mature and saturated. Under the circumstances, operators have been facing increased competition and pressure within the industry. This is exactly why operators can leverage on white label iGaming solutions to gain a competitive edge within the shortest time possible.

Kzing has established itself in the Chinese market for more than ten years, and offers comprehensive technology and experience in providing white label solutions. We focus on providing players with personalized experiences on your iGaming APP, which can greatly influence loyalty and increased betting transactions on your platform, leading to greater profitability.

Our white label solutions are built with the highest security and stability in mind, also providing 24-hour online customer service, to immediately solve any problems.

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Vietnam white label online casino software 越南包网平台

Vietnam White Label Casino Solutions

In line with market demand, we are gradually developing the Southeast Asian market, including Vietnam. Today, Kzing’s Vietnamese white label solutions is equipped with 24-hour online Vietnamese customer service support for local operations and maintenance.

Kzing White Label Solutions high security and stability servers equipped with an independent proxy background. Following the preferences of local players, we have also fully incorporated local Vietnamese games such as football, horse racing, cockfighting, fighting fish and other classic, most popular Vietnamese games. We can create unique front-end design solutions unlike any other, just for you.

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Thailand white label online casino software 泰国包网平台

Thailand White Label Casino Solutions

To enter Thailand, you must have a good understanding of the Thai market. Although the population of Thailand only accounts for 70 million in the Southeast Asia, it is a market that should not be underestimated, as approximately 79% of the population have a tendency to gamble and 57% have a gambling habit.

Kzing’s development of the Southeast Asian market also includes Thailand, with customization of our white label offerings according to the behavior of local players. Thai players tend to ask for various discounts, are more sensitive to the details of the terms and conditions of campaigns, and prefer simple operations. Kzing’s Thailand White Label Solutions is also connected to the most popular games in the Thai market such as baccarat, card games, slot machines and sports betting. In addition, football games in Thailand performed better compared to other Asian countries, making football betting the most popular game among players.

Kzing’s Thailand White Label can provide PC, H5 version/native APP and accessible 24-hour online Thai customer service and payment channels.

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India white label online casino software 印度包网平台

India White Label Casino Solutions

India has a huge population of 1.4 billion, creating a large number of market opportunities. Among them, India also has over 560 million Internet users, second only to China in the world, with huge market potential. In addition to Southeast Asia, we have also entered the Indian market, and successively cooperated with big-name platform operators.

Kzing’s India White Label provides KYC payment solutions and a variety of local deposit and withdrawal channels. In addition, Our India White is also connected to the very popular Indian live chess and card games – TeenPatti, Andar Bahar, Poker, sports cricket and other games in India, as well as best-selling card games, slots, lotteries and horse racing in the Indian market!

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indonesia white label online casino software 印尼包网平台

Indonesia White Label Casino Solutions

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the most populous country in Southeast Asia. The median age of the population is only 29 years old. Indonesia is in the stage of rapid mobile and internet adoption. Most users are used to the official language, Bahasa Indonesia, with few preferring English.

With our over 40 Indonesian platform operators, we have a rich pool of resources to collect user feedback, obtain local area information, optimize products to local needs, and strive to create exclusive entertainment empires for you.

Kzing’s Indonesian White Label is equipped with Indonesian local language translation and connected to local popular games such as dominoes, Texas Hold’em, slots, and sports betting, etc.

Although Indonesia is the most populous country in Southeast Asia, users in third- and fourth-tier cities often encounter network problems or slow internet speed. Catering to this, Kzing offers a lite version, which can be used/browsed in areas with weaker network connectivity. Additionally, in response to the lack of online payment options for Indonesian users. Our Indonesian White Label also offers e-wallets, prepaid cards, VISA credit and debit MasterCards, etc. for players to have more flexibility to deposit and withdraw cash.

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Japan White Label Casino Solutions

Japan is the world’s third largest economy with a population of 126 million. Japanese people have a high standard of living and an increasing demand for the iGaming market. Kzing has been in the Japanese market for years and has an in-depth understanding of local player preferences.


Kzing understands Japanese players’ preferences for licensed operators and values personal information protection and compliance. Therefore, Kzing is providing customized and secure online gambling solutions in order to help operators easily enter the Japanese market. Kzing provides Japanese players with a variety of games including horse racing, sports betting, and many more. We also offer 24/7 Japanese local customer service and local payment and withdrawal methods to ensure players have the best gaming experience.

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South Korea White Label Casino Solutions

South Korea has advanced internet technology and iGaming is prevalent. Kzing’s system integrates various Korean favorite board and card games.


We have 300+ ready-made casino website templates integrated with payment channels and casino games. Our casino game software is user-friendly and customisable to help maximize the reach and impact of your brand. We tailor the gameplay and promotional offers based on South Korean player preferences so they can enjoy entertainment in a familiar environment. We also provide Korean local customer service and local deposit and withdrawal channels so players can play games with peace of mind.

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Bangladesh White Label Casino Solutions

Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, making it the third largest country in Southeast Asia after India and Indonesia. 


Our software developers have extensive cross-industry knowledge directed by experienced project management, providing you with a bespoke and reliable backend system to boost your business benefits. Our casino game software is capable of helping your live casino attract more players and compete favorably with other online casinos in the iGaming market. Additionally, we provide Bangladesh local banks to enable deposit and withdrawal using local accounts. 24/7 Bengali local customer service is available anytime to assist players.

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Brazil White Label Casino Solutions

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America with a population of 210 million. Football is the passion of the Brazilian people. Kzing’s system provides comprehensive betting options for football leagues and World Cup, with hundreds of betting selections for each match.


Our ready-to-go online casino software solution accelerates your entry into the market and allows you to build your iGaming business sooner. Our servers are fully protected, and continuous research improves fraud prevention and establishes data protection and security.  We support many payment choices, such as cryptocurrencies, online wallets, real money etc., enabling users to cash in and out quickly. Our local online customer service is available 24/7 to ensure Brazilian players have the optimal gaming experience.

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Crypto Market

With the advancement of blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, operating seamlessly across borders, have ushered in an era of unparalleled convenience, allowing players to allocate assets globally with ease. We support major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Players can deposit and withdraw using cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere, enjoying borderless entertainment experiences. 


We also adjust game settings based on market trends so players can fully enjoy the fun brought by the boundless crypto world. Kzing backend system is easy to operate, such as enabling and disabling games, restarting and upgrading cloud servers, all while also providing real-time monitoring and data reports, so that you can have an overview of your operation at any time.

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Over 1,000+ Games for Your Choosing!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

iGaming White Label Solution, Operations and Resources

iGaming white label solution offers full front-end and back-end support, including site building, operations, after-sales service and 24/7 online support. iGaming operators no longer need to spend a large amount of time, money and manpower to develop an iGaming system, launching in the shortest time possible. In addition, operators can also choose to fully customize the white label product, which although takes more time to develop, allows more independence in terms of operation.

Kzing’s one-stop white label solutions include front-end template design, back-end system setup, fully supported web, H5, and mobile APP. In addition, we also have a selection of game options and payment options which can be integrated to quickly create an iGaming platform. Our strong tech and customer support can provide a 24/7 anti hijack and professional customer support for efficient operations.

Human resources can typically be divided into several main departments, including the finance department responsible for deposits and payments, human resources department responsible for recruitment, administrative department for day-to-day administration, tech department responsible for technical issues, and marketing department responsible for design and promotions. At a certain scale, there will also be a need for risk control and quality assurance. Operating an iGaming platform requires at least 8 to 10 people, and the general working hours are 8 to 12 hours. If you have a higher budget, you can also employ 16 or more employees, with 3 different shifts.

Apart from the fees outlined in the quotation, there are no additional costs or hidden fees to be aware of.

For existing templates, the estimated time frame is 3-5 days, while creating new templates may take approximately 7-10 days.

Certainly, Kzing offers the option for a customized design that aligns with the client's specific requirements and brand identity.

For a comprehensive list of examples, please visit Kzing’s product page where clients can find detailed information about Kzing’s previous projects.

Market Entry and Localization

Kzing white label solutions is the client's best choice. Kzing has the experience, technology, and team to support client’s entry to the Southeast Asian market. Kzing is familiar with the local language, culture and market, and can access local popular games and payment channels in a targeted manner to help clients successfully develop the local market.

System Features and Integration

Kzing’s system offers support for a range of currencies and countries. Currently, Kzing’s system supports the following currencies: China (CNY), Thailand (THB), Vietnam (VND), Indonesia IDR, India (INR), South Korea (KRW), Japan (JPY), Bangladesh (BDT) and cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), etc.

This enables iGaming businesses operating within these countries to seamlessly integrate their local currencies into our system, facilitating smooth transactions and enhancing the user experience. 

Yes, the Kzing system allows for the integration of new payment gateways, providing flexibility and customization options.

Kzing’s iGaming platform does not have a built-in payment gateway solution. However, Kzing has experience working with various payment gateways and can introduce compatible options based on client’s specific requirements.


Yes, the Kzing’s system supports automated rebate features, streamlining the process for both users and administrators.

Kzing’s credit system is a backend mechanism that enables betting credits for players. It operates on a 1:10 ratio, meaning clients can purchase credits at a rate of 1 unit of currency to receive 10 units of credits. These credits can be utilized for placing bets on various markets, enabling clients to participate in a wide range of betting activities within the Kzing system.

Yes, Kzing has strict restrictions in providing iGaming services to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Yes, the website will support multiple languages and currencies seamlessly managed through a unified back-office.

Absolutely, the website will be accessible on web, H5, and app versions, ensuring compatibility across all devices.

The website employs a robust infrastructure and optimized coding practices to handle high-traffic volume effectively. This includes a stand-alone server setup, a well-designed codebase, and the ability to auto-scale servers to accommodate increased traffic demands.

Certainly, clients can discuss with Kzing’s team for specific feature requests and evaluate the feasibility of implementing them into the back-office system.


Technical Support and Post Sales Services

Kzing can provide enterprise certification, and if iOS certifications are required, Kzing’s team can also connect you to relevant providers. Similarly, if a client requires an international SMS bulk sending service for OTP verification code, VPN line setup, website testing service, etc. Kzing also has a wide range of resources to assist clients.

This can be done by redirecting the NS point to,,, and providing the connection details. Clients will be informed upon successful setup.


Clients will be provided with the appropriate sizes to design and submit their artwork. Kzing can also connect clients with design services if required.


Kzing provides comprehensive post-launch support, including 24/7 customer service support and post-sales assistance during working hours.