About Us

Founded in 2012, one of the best white label in the industry.
Help more than 1000+ customers build website, and have strong expertise in product and technology.
Understand customer's needs, provide suitable white label solutions and services

Our Milestone


The Beginning Of The Journey

  • The industry is at its emerging phase
  • Kzing team invested heavily in researching the system structure of hundreds of entertainment companies
  • After analysis and discussion, the Kzing system was officially launched in 2014


Breaking The Shackles Of Tradition

  • Kzing system officially operated
  • Developed an unprecedented gaming systems in a short time
  • Provides a unique & fastest website building service


Strategic Partnership With IM

  • Co-operate with game provider IM to expand Kzing into an integrated white label solution provider, supply one-stop platform in order to achieve an efficient operation mode
  • Launched mobile APP at the same time, which detonated public opinion in the industry and was well received


Keep Up With The Trend On Analyzing Big Data

  • Kzing has invested heavily in the development of internal systems, deeply optimized system structure & big data analysis, and equipped with new world-class servers as well as first-class cloud technology
  • Cooperate with excellent CDN companies to create the best network environment for clients
  • Implement SSL anti-hijacking technology
  • Publish multi-currency and multi-language system
  • Won the favour and trust in the industry by helping many clients create entertainment platforms.


Exclusive One-Stop Services In The Industry

  • Kzing focuses on promoting one-stop services: free backend system training, staff accommodation, office space and one-on-one private consultants
  • Full assistance in setting up operation points
  • Design more front-end templates for client selection
  • Develop more user friendly systems
  • Integrate more popular games


Co-Created Native Sports APP With IM

  • Launching of the Sports APP to prepare for the upcoming sports event


Implement & Develop The Operation Of The Asian Market

  • Discover market opportunities with abundant of resources, lead customers to explore new markets together
  • New Asian markets include India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.


Promote Products & Services Within The Industry

  • Develop new systems as a continuous improvement
  • Enhancement on the existing system
  • Deeply transformed APP user experience
  • Optimize the front-end design


One Stop Service Icon 一站式包网服务图标

One-stop service for upstream and downstream supply chain


Advanced backend system

APP User Experience Icon APP用户体验图标

Deeply transformed APP user experience

System Updates Icon 系统更新图标

System updates throughout the year without downtime

New Markets Icon 新市场图标

Abundant resources to open up new market

Proposal_Ideas Icon 方案图标

Propose plans to fulfill customer needs

One-on-One Consultation icon 一对一咨询服务图标

One-to-one consultation service

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