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While Kzing proudly showcases diverse services to meet your digital advertising needs, it’s essential to note that Pixelated Marketing is the agency Kzing engages to deliver these services to our clients. By partnering with Pixelated Marketing, we ensure a seamless and comprehensive approach to digital campaigns spanning various platforms and strategies. Rest assured that our commitment is to offer you a holistic solution under the expert guidance of Pixelated Marketing, enhancing your brand’s online presence and engagement.

Diverse Digital Advertising Solutions

Pixelated Marketing

Pixelated Marketing’s diverse, multi-channel campaigns seamlessly integrate social media advertising, display ads, SEO, and SEM services. This synergistic approach creates maximum exposure, allowing you to tell your brand’s story and ensure it resonates with the broadest possible audience. Empower your business with a comprehensive strategy tailored by Pixelated Marketing digital advertising specialists, navigating the complexities of the digital landscape to propel your brand towards unparalleled success today.

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Social Media Advertising

Pixelated Marketing excels at crafting compelling ads suited for popular platforms like Facebook, Google, YouTube, KWAI, and more. The team stays on top of the latest trends, techniques, and best practices to generate buzz and engagement with your brand where your players are most active online.

Facebook Ads & Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Facebook ads expand the reach of your business and increase exposure through targeted advertising placements, while strategic SEM further grows your reach of potential customers. By cleverly combining Facebook Ads with SEM, your business can better compete in a competitive digital era, ensuring a significant and lasting impression in the gambling industry.

Google Display Networks GDN

Pixelated Marketing crafts eye-catching banners, rich media ads, and other impactful creative to place on high-traffic websites. Advanced targeting options ensure your ads find their way in front of the right users as they browse top sites and apps.

Key Services

In today’s digital landscape, businesses must utilize various online advertising strategies to reach their target demographics effectively. The options are vast, from social media ads to search engine optimization and display ads. Pixelated Marketing embraces this diversity, creating tailored digital campaigns across multiple platforms to raise brand awareness, drive traffic, boost engagement, and ultimately, achieve results.

Platform Presence Expansion

A robust platform presence is vital for customer acquisition and brand growth. Through comprehensive advertising support, the Pixelated Marketing team helps expand your reach on high-traffic websites and apps. With extensive experience across major advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and more, Pixelated Marketing develops targeted campaigns to display your ads to the right audiences at the right time using FB Pixel. Our global coverage gives you an added advantage to penetrate vital international markets. 

Platform Exposure Strategy

Simply having a presence is only enough with a practical exposure strategy. Pixelated Marketing experts analyze your target demographics and user behaviour to identify the optimal platforms and placements for maximum visibility. Pixelated Marketing utilizes keyword tools, trend analysis, competitive research, and audience insights to determine the best targeting parameters for your campaign. Pixelated Marketing’s strategic approach ensures your brand and messaging are seen by the audiences most likely to convert.

Targeted Acquisition Channels & Ads

Reaching your ideal customers is crucial for conversions and ROI. Pixelated Marketing’s acquisition specialists leverage multiple advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and more to display your ads precisely to your target audience. Location-based, interest-based, and remarketing tactics allow us to hone in on the customers most likely to engage with your brand. In addition to digital ads, Pixelated Marketing utilizes social media app like KWAI App, Telegram, WhatsApp, and more for a comprehensive multi-channel approach. Pixelated Marketing’s tailored acquisition strategies effectively reach the right audiences to drive conversions.

Performance Tracking & Optimization

Pixelated Marketing implements robust tracking and reporting mechanisms to monitor campaign performance at each stage. Key metrics like click-through rates, conversions, cost per register, and more are analyzed to identify optimization opportunities. Pixelated Marketing team provides performance reports to clients, highlighting key insights and recommendations. Underperforming areas are addressed through strategic changes, while high-performing aspects are leveraged for maximum results. This performance-driven approach allows the team to refine campaigns based on actual data for continual optimization. 

Why Pixelated Marketing

Dynamic Campaign Management for Optimal Results

Campaign setup is just the beginning. Pixelated Marketing’s dedicated team continuously monitors, manages, and optimizes your campaigns. Pixelated Marketing meticulously tracks key metrics, enabling us to adapt strategies and ensure you achieve the best possible return on investment (ROI). Your success is Pixelated Marketing’s priority, and consistently fine-tunes campaigns for optimal performance.


  • Increased Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • Expanded Market Reach & Customer Acquisition 
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings & Website Traffic
  • Higher Conversions and Return on Investment
  • Powerful Data-Driven Optimization & Decision Making
  • Regular Performance Tracking & Reporting
  • Tailored Strategies Based on Business Goals 
  • Seamless Campaign Management & Execution

Elevating Your Online Presence with Facebook Ads & SEM Mastery

Search engines level the playing field in marketing, fostering fairness and accessibility for operators to swiftly amass substantial influence online. With the potential to attract significant traffic and engagement, platform scale no longer holds absolute sway, granting each active participant in the market an equal chance to garner attention and traction online. Assessing platform performance presents its challenges, given that player satisfaction isn’t the sole or optimal metric. For online gambling firms, online brand exposure and engagement outweigh even player satisfaction in importance. While numerous approaches exist to achieve this objective, integrating Facebook Ads and strategic Search Engine Marketing (SEM) remains pivotal.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ad Bidding
  • Quality Score
  • Ad Copy

By leveraging the integrated advantages of Facebook Ads SEM, operators can achieve broader brand influence and higher exposure.

Targeted advertising through Facebook Ads allows for precise targeting of potential players. Facebook’s advertising platform provides an abundance of user data and precise ad targeting options, enabling us to accurately target ads based on users’ interests, geographic location, gender, age, and more. This ensures that the audience reached by the ads consists of potential players, thereby increasing ad conversion rates and effectiveness.

Strategic ad placement in SEM further increases the reach of potential players. By purchasing keyword ads on search engines, ads can be displayed when players actively search for relevant platform services, directing potential players to your website. The advantage of SEM lies in the fact that users are actively searching for specific information, which translates to higher conversion. By carefully selecting keywords and optimizing ad copy and landing pages, we can help you stand out in the fiercely competitive gambling industry.

By integrating Facebook Ads with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies, operators can achieve comprehensive market coverage. Facebook Ads can establish brand awareness on social media platforms, increase player trust and affinity for the brand, while SEM provides direct exposure opportunities when players actively search. This integrated approach not only enhances brand recognition among target players but also increases the likelihood of players choosing the brand in their purchasing decisions.

Overall, by comprehensively using Facebook Ads and SEM strategies, PinXiXi can help operators establish a strong online marketing strategy in the gambling industry. This strategy not only leaves a significant mark in the gambling sector but also brings more business opportunities and players to operators, ensuring their steady and enduring development in the fiercely competitive market.


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Crafting Visual Identity with Innovative Design Services

Transform your brand identity with visually striking designs curated by Pixelated Marketing’s talented creative team. Designers infuse your brand essence into every pixel, whether it’s a compelling logo, captivating banner ads, or other graphic design assets. Imbued with creativity and tailored for your brand, Pixelated Marketing’s design services ensure a lasting visual impact.

Ad Design
Social Media Ads Design
Logo Design

Customer Reviews

“Their team handled all our digital marketing and designed beautiful, high-converting ads. Our online reach and sales have grown thanks to their comprehensive strategy and expertise tremendously. I highly recommend them!”

“I can't say enough good things about Pixelated Marketing. As it was my first expansion towards the international market, I was overwhelmed trying to handle my digital marketing and creative needs independently. Their team took the time to understand the local business, customers, and goals.”

“We've never had such success online until partnering with Pixelated Marketing. Their work maximized our ad spend and revenue growth.``

“Pixelated Marketing took our international digital presence to the next level. We've seen amazing growth and results in a short time thanks to their comprehensive digital marketing strategies and engaging ad creative. Two thumbs up!``

Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing teams at scale-ups and enterprises use Pixelated Marketing’s ad design services when their internal creative resources are at capacity. Ideas and experiments don’t need to die in a bottlenecked backlog when they can easily submit their creative requests through Pixelated Marketing. Creative teams at these same high-growth companies also use Pixelated Marketing to extend their bandwidth. They enable in-house designers to step away from daily execution to work on more significant strategic projects.

Most ad design services are too limited to support the high volume and velocity of today’s enterprises, or they deliver creative that feels disconnected from the brand. Pixelated Marketing solves both issues by giving teams always-on access to an elastic, innovative team onboarded to their brand. With creative project managers and design directors, the process is fully managed for you with a collaboration platform that makes briefing, managing, and giving feedback on ad creative a breeze.

Creative ads are crucial in shaping how your audience perceives your brand. Consistent and visually appealing creatives help reinforce brand identity, build brand recognition, and evoke positive emotions. A well-crafted ad creative contributes to a cohesive brand image, fostering consumer trust and loyalty.

Backlinks, or incoming links from other websites, are crucial for SEO. They signal to search engines that a site is reputable and relevant. Businesses can build a robust backlink strategy by creating shareable content, reaching out to industry influencers, and leveraging guest blogging opportunities to earn high-quality backlinks.

With the help of Pixelated Marketing’s digital marketing service, it is cost-effective that you can get your message directly in front of your ideal audience. Consider that traditional marketing casts a wide net across the general public. In contrast, digital marketing takes a targeted approach and engages the consumer with the right message at the right time. You can easily measure your digital marketing efforts and the costs and mitigate unnecessary spending. This is far more difficult with traditional marketing campaigns. Moreover, the costs of hiring a digital marketing agency depend on the project scope.

Look for a company that takes the time to assess your current and future marketing needs. A digital marketing agency worth its salt won’t promise immediate results because digital strategies take time to yield results. But it will boast a team of experts who can identify needs and gaps in your current strategy. Moreover, they will work with you to establish outcomes, align with your goals and offer consistent, transparent reporting. Be cautious about companies offering a quick fix.

Your creative brief is crucial for getting the ad designs you want. Include your goals, target audience details, brand guidelines, desired messaging, CTAs, preferred visual styles, relevant images/logos, ideal tone, and any sample ads you like. Clear direction upfront lets designers quickly produce on-brand, practical concepts tailored to your needs.

Google AdWords, now known as Google Ads, is a powerful tool for SEM campaigns. It allows businesses to create targeted ads that appear in search results. Best practices include thorough keyword research, compelling ad copy, strategic bidding, and continuous monitoring and optimization to ensure a successful and cost-effective campaign.

Exploring the critical role of keywords in SEM, discussing the importance of choosing keywords aligned with business goals and target audience behaviour. Covering strategies for keyword research, including leveraging tools, analyzing competitor keywords, and adapting to evolving search trends to ensure a more effective and targeted SEM campaign.

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The digital landscape is a constantly evolving sphere, and Pixelated Marketing's commitment is to keep you ahead of the curve. Embrace comprehensive solutions to propel your brand's digital journey.