E2 Fraud & Compliance

iGaming platforms suffered 50% in revenue loss to fraud like multi-accounting and bonus abuse in 2023 

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, ensuring compliance with regulations and fortifying defences against fraud is paramount. With E2, you gain access to cutting-edge solutions designed to tackle the complexities of fraud prevention and regulatory adherence head-on. Our comprehensive suite of services is tailored to empower businesses across industries, providing them with the tools and insights needed to navigate the challenges of today’s dynamic market. Discover a new era of protection and compliance with E2. Let’s fortify your foundation for a secure, sustainable future.

Common Fraud & Compliance Issues

Money Laundering
Chargeback Fraud
Bonus Abuse
Credit Card Fraud
Advertising and Marketing
Responsible Gaming
Licensing & Regulation
Age Verification
KYC Compliance

Protect Your Business

E2 Fraud & Compliance is part of Kzing’s extensive range of services designed to detect fraud and ensure compliance within the ever-changing landscape of iGaming in Asia.


Detect and respond to threats in a timely manner without affecting user experience


Eliminate fraudulent activities like bonus abuse, credit card fraud and more


Analyze for potential issues like callusing, multi-accounting, and prevent account takeovers


Prevent false positives that cause delays, manual reviews, or even account suspensions

How It Works

  • 1

    Fraudster interacts with your website

  • 2

    Their device information is sent into E2

  • 3

    E2 performs device recognition and flags the account for your review (Allow / Review / Deny)

  • 4

    Data of the fraudster is collected and analyzed. E2 system will monitor should the same fraudster be detected on other E2 subscribers’ websites

  • 5

    All E2 Subscribers alerted of the fraudster’s associated IP, device, accounts etc.

Secure Your Business

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