New Update on the Sports APP

New Update on the Sports APP

Why is the APP Always Updating?

#1 The main objective of updating the APP is, of course, to increase new features. To retain the community (players) and increase market share percentage, an APP will need to continuously improve and update. Our Sports APP is researched, developed, tested, and updated based on the market research conducted on user experience and consumer markets, consumer demands, and product functionalities.

#2 Constant updates on the APP reflects the effort we put on the APP. Routine updates on the APP actively assist in recruiting and retaining users. If an APP does not update for too long, it will result in users worrying that there are no personnel maintaining the platform. Consequently, the user experience will also be affected. Therefore, actively updating our products will allow users to always have a refreshed impression of the APP.

What are the new updates on the Sports APP this time?

Kzing White Label’s Sports APP has categorized the current update into 3 major categories:

  1. Added interface functions to improve the interactive experience
  2. Optimized the Betting Function
  3. In Sync with the Kzing APP Features

Added interface functions to improve the interactive experience

Multiple Choices of Virtual Sports

Sports APP provides large-scale virtual sporting events for players to bet on, with up to 6 types of virtual sports, including virtual football, virtual basketball, virtual World Cup, virtual National Cup, virtua Euro Cup, and virtual Spanish Friendly Matches.

Event Promo Displays

Website operators can add image modules and event descriptions to the event promo page based on their needs, displaying various event promos to attract players. Event promos can facilitate the habit-forming of being defenseless against promotions among players. With that, players will continuously invest energy, time, money, and more. Ultimately, when the habit is formed, the objective of retaining players will be achieved. This is specially designed for players who are always on the fence. This feature will move them enough to start betting. Overall speaking, it is the leveraging of the event promo display page to carry out promotional events and marketing to achieve the recruitment, retention, and reactivation of players.

Updating the Handicap Interface

The handicap interface mainly emphasizes the interface’s smoothness, the included sporting events, the betting experience, the betting amount, the betting order confirmation speed, etc.

We chose to use a minimalistic white backdrop as the background, coupled with the chic freshness of purple. The overall operation of the page is also smoother. Next, the sporting event handicaps also contain a huge variety with lots of choices. The choices range from the World Cup to Reserve Team matches, there are handicaps for amateur exhibition matches as well. When necessary, we will do our best to adjust the maximum betting limit with the game providers to reel the major players in.

Hot Sporting Events Pop-Up Window and Launch Screen

Usually, users will view event descriptions from the APP’s launch screen/banner placements/hovering icons/pop-up windows/navigation icons, and more. When users click on this page, they can immediately enter the page containing the event’s details and participate in the event. For this purpose, we have added displays via pop-up windows and the launch screen. In this way, when users launch the app daily while waiting to enter the page, the APP will automatically pop up in the said window (you may place your main information here!). The launch screen time is very short, it will not let players wait for too long before entering the APP’s internal page.

Up to 21 Categories of Regular Sporting Events to Bet On

The Sports APP covers a lot of regular sporting events, which are football, basketball, tennis, snooker, baseball, badminton, boxing, darts, hockey, American football, golf, handball, ice hockey, racing sports, rugby, ping pong, volleyball, water polo and many more sporting events for players to bet on. It is an APP specially designed for Sporting Events betting.

Optimized Betting Features


On our betting page, we have added the slide-to-bet design. The slide-to-bet design allows smoother betting, improving the interactive experience. Other than that, we have also optimized our early settlement, betting interface, and betting history features.

In Sync with the Kzing APP features

Other than the Sports APP, we also have the Kzing APP. There are a few features that have already been launched earlier on the Kzing APP. Now, it is also synced and launched on the Sports APP. These features include Friend Invitations, Redeeming Luxurious Gifts, Social Media Syncing, a Help Center, and Seamless Switch Overs between the Kzing APP and Sports APP.

Invite Friends

Whether online or offline, referrals have always been done by old birds to bring in fresh blood, otherwise known as ‘Inviting Friends’. By leveraging the user’s existing social connections, it will lead them to voluntarily share and forward the APP, recommending it to their circle. New users can complete assigned tasks to collect rewards while existing users will also reap some benefits. The more people one invites, the more rewards one receives. New users can download the APP via a link or QR code provided by the existing user, complete the registration, and complete the user actions under the APP’s guidance.

Why is the Invite Friends feature important?

  • The Invite Friends Feature Helps in Screening Targeted Users More AccuratelyThe effect of word of mouth is generated when players share and forward. It builds a sense of trust. Moreover, the social circle of the player is usually made up of people like them. Therefore, the possibility of bringing in ‘Targeted Users’ is far higher. Other than that, invited friends have a higher rate of participation and acceptance. This meant that new users can be brought in with relatively lower costs.
  • Suitable for Online Betting Platforms in the Growth StageFirst of all, it can stimulate old players (existing users) to share and forward in exchange for rewards while obtaining new   users. Secondly, existing users can reactivate sleeping users by inviting new users, increasing the activeness of existing users. Thirdly, through social media syncing, the number of downloads for the APP, the number of users, and the activeness of users can be increased.

Redeeming Luxurious Gifts

This feature is specially designed for those who wish to roll out their promotions. Other than the banner that is usually seen, we now have this page to redeem luxurious gifts. It can also be included as a part of event promotions. For example, players can redeem a camera or more surprising luxurious gifts and contents with their first top-up of RMB10,000. This will help in encouraging more players to make their first purchase and complete other actions to seize the opportunity in redeeming luxurious gifts.

Joint Venture Plan

The marketing channel of social media sharing is becoming more and more common. With this function, the operators can obtain the players’ contact information through the social media syncing function, track the players, and carry out promotional events. Players can also use social media to contact customer service and provide feedback and suggestions. This allows an additional interactive channel between players and the platform.

Help Center

A help center page is added so that players can immediately inquire when they encounter any problems, which can later be resolved by contacting customer service.

Seamless Switchovers Between the APP

On the ‘My Account’ page, there is a feature that can be used to switch between APPs. The player can switch between the Sports APP and the Kzing APP anytime. It is fast and convenient!

Compared to previous versions, the design of the APP has been optimized for a more attractive and sleeker interface. Every update is done to satisfy user needs and experience. Continuously updating our APP from time to time shows that we are improving along with our clients (the platform merchants). We do not stop refining our service system. This will improve the image of our platform merchants and attract the players’ attention. We believe that the Sports APP will be a great help in the World Cup! If you have yet to experience the Sports APP, we suggest you get in touch with Kzing White Label for a go!

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