Understanding Facebook Pixel: Key Tool for Acquiring New Players

Many find Facebook advertising complex, and indeed it is, but it’s akin to hiking with a guide – someone has already walked the path, so you can follow their steps rather than fumble blindly. There’s no pre-set path in life; you forge it as you go. There are no shortcuts in doing Facebook advertising; it’s about learning slowly and keeping up with its algorithms.


What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is akin to Google tracking code. If you plan to run conversion ads, you’ll need to install the Facebook Pixel code. Once installed, Facebook can track user activity on your website, providing relevant data for optimizing ads. With Pixel, you can better understand ad performance and user behaviour, such as page views and shopping carts. You can also see what users do on Facebook and Instagram after seeing your ad, aiding retargeting efforts. Using the conversion API and Pixel can establish more reliable links, helping to reduce costs in return.


What does Facebook Pixel do?


Conversion tracking: Pixel tracks user actions like registrations, deposits, or bets placed after clicking Facebook ads, it helps in measuring ad effectiveness and understanding player behaviour.

Audience creation: It creates audience segments based on user behaviour for precise ad targeting, like directing ads to players who visited specific pages or completed registration forms.

Retargeting: involves reaching out to users who visited a webpage but didn’t take any action. For instance, online gambling platforms target users who visited their site but didn’t complete desired actions, so Pixel helps display relevant ads to these users, encouraging deposits or bets.

Ad campaign optimization: The ads are optimized through data analysis, identifying which ads and targeting strategies drive the most conversions. Subsequently, the ad content such as promotions is adjusted accordingly to enhance ad performance further.


Advertising without tracking is like driving in a lost direction; predicting results or optimising further is hard. Facebook Pixel serves various roles in the online gambling industry, aiding casino platform operators in understanding user activity and refining marketing strategies. Moreover, it allows you to evaluate ad campaign effectiveness, enhance delivery efficiency, and establish precise target audiences, enabling informed decisions for future campaigns.


How to Set Up Facebook Pixel

Setting up Facebook Pixel involves creating, assigning, and installing the pixel. Firstly, create the pixel in the Business Manager platform and assign it to your ad account or other Business Manager entities. There are several installation methods: if you have an independent website, you can embed the pixel code directly into your site, or use third-party tools like Tag Manager for embedding. After installation, verify if the pixel is functioning properly. Additionally, you can create custom events to achieve personalized conversion goals. Lastly, the system starts tracking user behaviour on your website, providing data for optimizing ad campaigns.


Utilizing Targeted Advertising via Facebook Pixel to Acquire Players

When running gambling ads, precise audience targeting is crucial. Utilize Facebook’s targeting options to ensure ads reach the right people, such as users interested in sports betting or online wagering. This not only increases conversion rates but also lowers the costs of getting new players. Provide high-quality visual content, including images and videos. For example, create attention-grabbing content and clearly highlight new registrations or first deposit promotions to attract users’ attention. Additionally, try different ad variants (A/B Testing) and use Facebook Pixel to track ad performance, understanding which combinations work best for the audience and adjusting and optimizing ad campaigns over time. Can consider seeking assistance from professional ad agencies to create and manage Facebook ad campaigns.



Despite legal challenges in advertising gambling content on Facebook, there is a way to overcome them. Once using Facebook Pixel to acquire players, can target this audience with more relevant promotional ads, increasing retention rates, registration rates, and deposit rates. By understanding user behaviour and continuously optimizing strategies, can establish a strong player base and drive business growth. Eventually, operators can navigate the market competitively.


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