Added Functionality: Live Chat for Your Sports Betting Website

Boost user participation on your Kzing white label platform with the latest added feature – Live Chat!. This functionality aims to enhance user engagement through versatile and dynamic live chat rooms that can be integrated seamlessly into any sports betting platform.


Engaging Features

The Live Chat feature is designed to offer maximum flexibility and functionality. It can be integrated onto your platform, and positioned anywhere on your site, making it a versatile tool for enhancing user interaction and engagement. Here are the key benefits of incorporating Live Chat into your platform:


Homepage Exposure: The live chat room can be prominently displayed on the homepage, providing a focal point for user interaction. It can be used to host live events and highlight special matches, encouraging users to participate in real-time discussions and fostering a sense of community.

AI Chat Companion: An AI-powered chat companion interacts with users, answering questions and providing assistance around the clock. This ensures users always have access to information and support.

AI-Based Risk Management: To maintain a positive and secure chat environment, AI-based risk management tools monitor and manage chat content. This helps to filter out inappropriate messages and ensures that the conversation remains relevant and respectful.

Gifting Feature: Users can send virtual gifts within the chat, adding a fun and interactive element to the user experience. This feature not only enhances user engagement but also encourages users to spend more time on the platform.

Visual Appeal and Promotion

To further enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of the Live Chat feature, Kzing provides a range of customizable options:


Branded Visuals: Operators can incorporate their brand elements into the chat room, including logos, colors, and themed visuals. This creates a consistent brand presence throughout the user experience.

Interactive Visual Effects: On-screen visual effects can be used to highlight key messages or promotions within the chat, making important information stand out and engaging users in a dynamic way.


Leveraging This Valuable Tool

Implementing the Live Chat functionality can have a significant impact on user engagement and participation. Here’s how you can leverage this tool to its fullest potential:


Host Live Events: Use the chat room to host live events, such as Q&A sessions with sports experts, live commentary during matches, or special promotional events. This not only draws users to the platform but also keeps them engaged for longer periods.

Promote Special Matches: Highlight upcoming or ongoing special matches directly within the chat room. This keeps users informed and encourages them to place bets while participating in live discussions.

Interactive Contests and Polls: Engage users with interactive contests, polls, and quizzes within the chat room. These activities make the betting experience more engaging and entertaining, fostering a vibrant community of active users.


On top of Live Chat, check out the Livestreamer function)! Integrate both onto your platform to enhance engagement and keep players on your site for longer periods of time!


Getting Started with Live Chat

This Live Chat functionality is a powerful tool for sports betting operators looking to enhance user engagement and boost participation on their platforms. With its advanced features, flexible integration, and opportunities for interactive promotions, Live Chat offers a dynamic way to create a more engaging and interactive betting experience.

To start using the Live Chat functionality, operators need to integrate the chat room feature into their platform. This involves setting up the chat room, configuring the AI chat companion and risk management tools, and customizing the visual elements to match the brand.


Ready to take your user engagement to the next level with Live Chat? Contact the Kzing sales team today to learn more about pricing and how to implement this exciting new feature on your platform. 

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