Added Functionality: Livestreamer for Your Sports Betting Website

In the ever-evolving world of sports betting, staying ahead of the competition means continually enhancing the user experience. Introducing a groundbreaking feature: Livestreamer! This added functionality promises to revolutionize how operators engage with their users by offering real-time streaming of matches and events, including popular sports like football and basketball.


Livestreamer Captivating Hosts

A unique aspect of the Livestreamer functionality is its engaging hosts. The livestreams are hosted by female presenters who bring energy and excitement to the broadcasts. These hosts can engage with the audience in local languages, including Mandarin, Thai, and Vietnamese, making the experience more inclusive and appealing to a broader audience.


Enhance User Engagement with Livestream

The Livestreamer feature includes a live widget that seamlessly integrates into sports betting platforms. This widget allows users to watch live matches and events directly on the site, significantly increasing engagement and retention time. When users spend more time on the platform, they are more likely to place additional bets, driving up revenue for the operator.

The live widget is not just about viewing; it creates an immersive experience that keeps users coming back. By providing real-time action, users are more likely to stay engaged, follow the game closely, and place bets as the action unfolds. This leads to a more dynamic and interactive betting experience, which is key to retaining users in a competitive market.


Livestream Branding and Promotion

When you integrate the Livestreamer function, you will also get these additional services that will take your branding and promotion to the next level! With this added Live streaming white label service, your logo can appear on-screen! Additionally, enhance your brand visibility in several ways:

Livestreamer Branding: The livestream host will wear clothing emblazoned with your brand. Additionally, branded insulated cups and table decor can be prominently displayed, ensuring your brand is always front and center.

Visual Effects: On-screen visual effects, such as overlays with your brand’s logo and colors, can be used to maintain a consistent brand presence throughout the livestream. 

News-Ticker Integration: This feature allows you to display real-time information and promotions during the livestream. It is an effective way to keep users informed about ongoing promotions, new games, and special events.

Social Media Promotion: Livestream content can be leveraged for social media engagement. Highlights, key moments, and promotional clips can be shared across social media platforms to attract more users to the betting site.


Livestreamer Backend Capabilities

Behind the scenes, Livestreamer offers robust backend capabilities to ensure smooth operation and valuable insights:

Streamer Event Subscription: Operators can subscribe to various event streams, ensuring they have access to a wide range of live content.

Event Management: A comprehensive event list and scheduling tools help manage the streaming of events efficiently.

Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reporting features provide insights into viewing counts, viewing time, and data usage. This data is crucial for understanding user behavior and optimizing the streaming service.

Session Management: Insights into session durations and user activity help operators gauge the effectiveness of their live streaming efforts.


Unleash the Power of Livestreaming

To start utilizing the Livestreamer functionality, operators need to provide their brand logo for on-screen display. Additionally, half-time promotional material, such as images or a 3-minute video file, can be prepared to promote the website or highlight the latest games and promotions.

The Livestreamer functionality is set to transform the sports betting landscape by enhancing user engagement, promoting brand visibility, and providing a richer, more interactive betting experience. With its advanced features and robust backend capabilities, Livestreamer offers sports betting operators an innovative tool to attract and retain users, ultimately driving higher revenue.


Ready to elevate your sports betting platform with Livestreamer? Contact the Kzing sales team today to find out about pricing and how to integrate this powerful new functionality into your platform! 


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