China Market Template: Cool Navy

Introducing the Cool Navy template, an innovative solution specifically designed to elevate the gaming experience for operators and players in the China market. Available for both sports betting and online casino platforms, this versatile template is offered in web (H5), APP, and Progressive Web App (PWA) formats. Cool Navy integrates a range of advanced features aimed at maximizing user engagement and satisfaction, perfectly catering to the preferences and requirements of gamers. From seamless PWA functionality to comprehensive sports betting tools, Cool Navy is crafted to meet the diverse needs of today’s competitive gaming landscape in China. Whether it’s offering instant access without the need for downloads or providing real-time updates and customized promotions, the Cool Navy template ensures a superior gaming experience.


Template for Success

Sleek Aesthetics and Cutting-Edge UI/UX Design

The Cool Navy template boasts a clean and streamlined design that enhances both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of the platform. The use of the color navy aligns with current design trends, providing a sleek and modern look that resonates well with users. This attention to contemporary UI/UX principles ensures that the platform is not only visually appealing but also intuitive and easy to navigate, offering a seamless user experience that keeps players engaged and satisfied.


Popular Matches – Appeal to All Players

With the Cool Navy template, operators can now keep players engaged and informed like never before. Our innovative platform offers real-time updates of popular Inplay Matrix (IM) sports matches directly on the homepage, ensuring players are always in the loop with the latest events across a wide range of sports. From major leagues like the NBA to cricket tournaments and beyond, Cool Navy enables operators to provide comprehensive coverage of popular matches, catering to the diverse interests of the player base. This feature appeals to the China market’s passion for both international and local sports events, driving higher engagement and satisfaction.


100+ Gaming Platforms – Always New & Exciting

In today’s hyper-competitive gaming landscape, users are inundated with options, from various competitors vying for their attention to a multitude of games clamoring for their playtime. Therefore, it’s essential for operators to stand out by offering an extensive array of games that cater to diverse player preferences and market demands. With Cool Navy’s 100+ Game Platforms feature, operators gain access to a vast library of over 1,000 games, providing unparalleled variety to captivate players. This extensive library is especially appealing in China, where gamers appreciate having a wide selection of options tailored to their tastes.


Global Friendly, Easy Localisation

A global-friendly platform is vital for operators to expand their player base, tap into diverse markets, and boost revenue. Supporting multiple languages and currencies enhances inclusivity and player satisfaction, while accommodating widely recognized virtual currencies streamlines transactions. In the competitive iGaming industry, a global-friendly template is essential for operators to thrive and establish their platform worldwide. This feature is crucial for the China market, where players often prefer platforms that support their native language and preferred payment methods, including popular virtual currencies.


Sports Betting Cart – Efficiency at its Best

Developing a user-friendly betting cart feature for sports betting involves intricate technical complexities and attention to detail. From integrating real-time odds and match data to ensuring seamless navigation and transaction processing, the development process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive for operators. However, with the Cool Navy template, operators can now sidestep these challenges and save valuable time and resources. Our platform comes ready with the Sports Betting Cart feature, designed to streamline the entire sports betting experience. Players can effortlessly navigate through their betting selections, place multiple bets in a single transaction, and enjoy a seamless and convenient betting experience like never before. This functionality is highly valued by players, where efficiency and ease of use are paramount.


Match Browsing – Quick Access

Navigating through a plethora of matches can often be overwhelming for users. That’s why the Cool Navy template introduces an intuitive Match Browsing feature, designed to enhance user experience by providing essential details for informed decision-making. With this feature, users can effortlessly explore upcoming matches, access comprehensive match statistics, and make well-informed betting choices. By fostering a seamless betting journey, Cool Navy ensures that users can navigate the platform with ease, maximizing engagement and satisfaction. This user-friendly navigation is particularly important in China, where players appreciate quick access to detailed information.


One-stop Betting – Convenience Comes First

In the fast-paced world of sports betting, convenience is key. The Cool Navy template offers a solution with its innovative One-stop Betting feature. Gone are the days of navigating through multiple pages to place bets and view match updates. With all operations accessible on a single page, from data integration to live match viewing, Cool Navy simplifies the betting process, maximizing efficiency and user engagement. Whether it’s placing bets or staying updated on match developments, users can do it all without ever leaving the page, ensuring a seamless and immersive betting experience. This level of convenience is highly attractive to players who prefer streamlined and efficient platforms.


Night Mode – Non-stop Entertainment

Players enjoy all day and all night entertainment – the Cool Navy template continues to provide an exceptional user experience with its innovative Night Mode feature. With automatic Day/Night mode switching, the interface seamlessly adapts to the latest system dark mode, offering a visually soothing experience that reduces eye strain during extended nighttime use. Whether users are enjoying late-night gaming sessions or checking match updates before bed, Cool Navy ensures that their experience is comfortable and enjoyable, enhancing nighttime entertainment and overall user satisfaction. 


Get the Latest Solutions to Lead the China Market

The Progressive Web App (PWA) – No Downloading, Just Play

The Cool Navy template features an advanced H5 Progressive Web App (PWA) that requires no downloads or installations, providing instant access via web browsers. It streamlines deployment by eliminating the need for certification and automatically updates to the latest version. Additionally, it supports custom logos and startup pages, enabling personalized branding for operators. This instant access and ease of updates are especially advantageous in China, where quick and seamless user experiences are highly valued.


Native Deposit and Withdrawal System – Streamlined Transactions

Deposit/Withdraw: With seamlessly integrated native APIs, financial transactions are conducted with stability and smoothness, optimizing the user interface to provide enhanced convenience throughout the process.


Seamless Wallet: Benefit from automatic credit conversion and real-time financial transactions facilitated by our seamless wallet feature. This functionality simplifies both deposit and withdrawal processes, offering users a hassle-free experience. The streamlined financial transactions are particularly appealing in China, where secure and efficient payment processes are critical.


Promotion System – Tailored Marketing

Customized Promotions: Customize promotional activities to enhance marketing precision and efficiency on a localized scale, ensuring a more targeted and impactful campaign. This approach maximizes engagement and familiarity within diverse communities, ultimately driving growth and retention.

Customized Events: Develop and manage custom events for global sports tournaments and locally popular occasions, amplifying the visibility of your platform during significant events. By tailoring events to specific regions and interests, you can effectively engage your audience and increase participation, ultimately boosting platform visibility and user engagement. Tailored promotions and events resonate well in China, where localized and relevant content is key to capturing and maintaining player interest.


VIP Growth System – Elevate Player Loyalty

Points Reward: Players earn points relative to the amount of money they spend, motivating them to engage more actively in the game. This system incentivizes ongoing participation and enhances player retention by rewarding consistent play.

Player Level Tier: Assign unique player levels based on the points accumulated, offering tailored benefits at each level. This tiered system provides customized rewards and recognition, enhancing the gaming experience and encouraging players to progress to higher tiers.

Gift Redemption: Allow players to redeem their earned points for tangible rewards, fostering credibility and long-term loyalty. Operators can offer a variety of real gifts, providing players with meaningful incentives that strengthen their connection to the platform. The VIP Growth System is especially effective in China, where loyalty programs and tangible rewards are highly valued by players.


The Cool Navy template stands out as a versatile and user-friendly platform that enhances the overall gaming experience. Its robust features, such as the H5 PWA for instant access, a comprehensive VIP Growth System to reward loyal players, and customizable branding options, provide operators with the tools needed to engage and retain their audience effectively. By incorporating these innovative elements, the Cool Navy template not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern gamers, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for all users.


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