Must Have Features of White Label Platforms

White label platforms typically offer a wide range of essential features designed to deliver comprehensive casino service to operators.

Key Features of White Label Platforms

Backend System

The backend system functions of a white label platform provide operators with easy access to and management of various subsystems. These include payment systems, control log systems, intelligent risk control systems, membership systems, rebate systems, and more. For a detailed overview of these backend system functions, you can refer to the Kzing White Label solution. This setup allows operators to conveniently and quickly manage their platforms by directly accessing the necessary function modules through the backend system list.

Players Management System

The player management function enables operators to efficiently manage registered users. This includes maintaining player lists, monitoring fund records, overseeing level management, and conducting fund audits. Additionally, it allows operators to handle player complaints, suggestions, and questions, ensuring a high level of user experience and satisfaction.

Affiliate Management System

The affiliate management function allows operators to oversee affiliates on the white label platform. This includes managing agent registration, conducting reviews, granting authorizations, and flexibly adjusting commission structures. Operators can monitor affiliate performance and activities, modify partnership policies as needed, and provide timely support through this system, ensuring effective and efficient management of affiliate relationships.

Report Management System

The report management function provides detailed statistics and analysis of platform operation data. This includes comprehensive reports on various aspects such as the platform itself, affiliates, players, and games. Key metrics tracked by this function include user activity, game revenue, deposits, withdrawals, and other essential data. By monitoring these indicators, operators can gain insights into performance trends and make decisions to optimize their strategies and operations.

Fund Management System

The fund management function allows operators to oversee the platform’s financial activities and review fund flows and historical records, including deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and other transactions. This function provides operators with the ability to monitor the security and liquidity of funds, ensuring they can quickly identify and address any anomalies or risks. 

Team Management System

The team management function enables operators to manage the platform’s operational team and employees. This includes viewing and editing accounts, as well as independently modifying permissions. Through this function, operators can improve teamwork and work quality, thereby supporting the sustainable development of platform operations.

Other Features

Kzing stands out by offering a range of unique services that differentiate it from other white label platforms.

Provide Assistance in Setting up Overseas Operations 

We offer comprehensive assistance to operators looking to establish overseas operations. Our services encompass everything from website selection and registration to design platform features tailored to the target market. For example, Kzing South East Asia White Label can help operators seamlessly expand their business in Asia.

Back Office

We specialize in providing logistical support and management services tailored to the unique needs of our clients, encompassing office space, equipment, clerical staff, and more. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and empower businesses. 

Professional Training Services

We offer professional training services aimed at enhancing the capabilities of customer teams, encompassing employee skills training, operational training, and more.

Free Consultation 

As part of our free consulting services, we offer comprehensive guidance tailored to operators seeking to establish and grow their online casino platforms. Our expertise enables us to address a wide range of business challenges and provide effective solutions to support your business development and growth.


In summary, the white label platform offers essential functions such as backend system management, player and affiliate management, report and fund management, as well as team management, providing operators with comprehensive casino platform services and management support. Additionally, Kzing offers a range of unique services including assistance in setting up overseas operations, back-office support, professional training, and free consulting services, all aimed at facilitating business expansion and successful development for operators.

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