Online Gaming Platform Setup Requirements and Fees

iGaming platform setup requirements and costs

With the advancement of time and the rapid development of the Internet, the number of iGaming white label service providers multiplied in countless numbers, making it difficult for customers who intend to invest in iGaming platforms to choose an excellent gaming white label service provider.

No matter is from the early-developmental stage support, or the mid-term website launching stage, or even the technical support in the later stage, the payment system, and the abundant supply of games. Every iGaming white label service provider supplies an all-encompassing service, all of the mentioned have become the primary conditions for setting up an online gaming platform.

However, there are not many online gambling white label companies that can fulfill all the requirements, especially when there are companies that pass off the sham as the genuine in the market. Therefore, it is considered rare, when a white label company can stand out from the fierce competition, while meeting the excruciating requirements of investors at all levels and even exceeding customer expectations.

What are the requirements for building an iGaming platform?

First, find a reliable white label service provider

We usually do some research before buying products, so when looking for a one-stop service gaming platform white label service provider, we must do proper research too!

a) The question is, how to distinguish whether the white label service provider is reliable? If white label companies can be ranked…

  • Bronze: A white label company that has just been founded or is still undergoing business development.
  • Gold: White label company that has been operating for more than 1-2 years, the back-end system may still not stable enough, and there is very few company-related information can be found online.
  • Diamond: There is a certain customer base size within the company, and has APP configuration as a product to leverage the services for the customers. The system development can keep up with the market demand, and it may have reputation in the industry.
  • Starlight: Already possesses stable backend system and a strong technical team, and the new functions developed are always at the forefront of market demand (such as APP interactive experience, access to cryptocurrency, supporting different national languages and currencies), providing mobile APP and Sports APP configuration, and at the same time, investing a lot of money in advertising to build brand awareness.

Finding Out Information About the White Label Provider from Your Circle

A provider has been operating in the white label industry for a substantial amount of years will eventually earned considerable high reputation. Therefore, any clients who has intentions to invest can conduct some research to get the relevant information from peers.

Research in iGaming forums for white label information

Alternatively, white label companies will also publish their information on the internet especially on iGaming media sites. For example, obtaining official verification or recommendations from iGaming forums, aiding clients in developing a deeper understanding of their white label services and operations. We suggest that one should browse more gaming forum websites before making the final decision to discover white label companies that are actual gems.

Next, check the languages, currencies, and game varieties that is supported by the company’s backend system.

  • An outstanding gaming platform must have the most popular games in the region, Kzing White Label updates the latest and hottest games and provide a wide variety of games frequently to attract more players (lotteries, card and board games, eSports, sports events, and many other game varieties)
  • In order to match demands from different countries, Kzing White Label can support multiple languages, e.g. Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, and many more to build a closer connection with local players, and consequently increasing players’ betting amount.
  • Kzing White Label also provides multiple categories of currencies, cryptocurrencies and payment methods (Bitcoin BTC, Tether USDT, Ethereum ETH) and third party payment platforms hugely raised the convenience of betting, allowing players to complete payment and in-game betting no matter where they are!

Stable Security System 24/7

  • Equipped with high intelligence risk controlling system, ensuring the interests of clients and protecting the safety of players at all costs, IP address and VPN data that allows real-time analysis, and also utilizes big data for real-time monitoring to prevent hackers from breaching the system.

Use The Best Server Bandwidth and CDN

  • Slow loading of website will make client’s online gaming platforms lose a lot of visitors, especially those platforms that embeds large amounts of live videos and live streaming! Kzing White Labels’ servers and bandwidth both uses highest quality and can therefore effectively solve loading or delay problems, result in increasing the response speed and successful rate for users to access the website.

Strong Back End System

  • Agent & Affiliate Management System
    • Includes both single-tier and multi-tier models that covers bonuses, rebates, commissions, and many other functions to support client’s operations. No matter which model is being used, all will aid agents in simplifying work to earn lucrative commissions as returns!
  • Player Management System
    • Effectively manages player information, allowing clients to view player’s details, transaction history, rank setting, etc.
  • Big Data Analysis
    • Allowing client to quickly learn the trends among players through big data and analysis, and taking corresponding action plans or switching to alternative strategies to improve profitability. Other than that, Kzing White Label also provides fully automated report generation to reduce human errors.
  • Promotion System
    • Popular in-system features like Angpau (red packet) Rain, Rebate Systems, Sign-in Rewards, and many more is constantly being researched and developed to attracts players to continuously revisiting the sites.
  • Report Centre
    • Clear and easy to understand reports of different categories allows client to fully grasp win-lose situations at any point of time, providing a comprehensive analysis of the gaming market, in order to allow client to have an in-depth understanding of the trend now and in the future so that losses can be prevented in time.

Outstanding product and services capture the hearts of clients, satisfied customers are the best testimonials, the true strength and credibility of Kzing White Label need not be questioned!

What are the fees to build an iGaming platform?

There are many examples that illustrates the costs related to building an online gaming platform. Different packages have different quotations, including early-stage development to post-development maintenance costs, the game loyalties, and many more. The below shows an estimation of costs needed to build an online gaming platform for reference:

Projected Costs Fees and Details
Startup Fee 0 – 50,000 (Standard, Imitation, Custom templates all costs differently, there are promotions sometimes!)
System Maintenance Fee 0 – 50,000 (All white label companies charge maintenance fees differently, there are promotions sometimes!)
Gaming Platform Loyalties Monthly settlement model/guaranteed model
Deposit and others Charges depend on situation

White label companies operate as a one-stop service platform that provide site building, payment interfaces, domain names, servers, defense system, back-end systems, and many other services related to gaming operations. Costs that need to be incurred are monthly maintenance costs, gaming profit loyalties payouts, and manpower costs for operations and management. The costs quoted and suggested by most of white label companies are more or less similar, difference is lie in their ability to ensure smooth and stable operations of their platform, facilitating in creating a high reliability platform. Our professional team will select the most suitable iGaming white label solution according to your proposed budget.

We will also take the opportunity to remind all that there are many white label companies with unidentified origins on the internet. They may be able to provide you a white label solution at very low cost, but one should always conduct thorough background checks on the company because white labelling means a long-term partnership and we should not risk losing even more because of short-term gains.

Kzing White Label is one of the largest white label company in the iGaming industry, we have worked with more than 1000 clients within the few years of our operations, we also enjoy great reputation within the industry. Other than that, Kzing White Label also possesses experience and resources from the industry, tailoring to the needs of players and businesses for their online gaming platform at all costs. A white label company that is able to persevere for many years is not only supported by long term clients that grow together, the company should also be good at what they’re doing, otherwise who would stay on a sinking ship?

It’s time to put your heart’s desires into action! Want to be the leader among online gaming platforms? Contact our business manager ASAP!!

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