Security Measures of White Label Solution: Fund Segregation

Fund segregation involves a set of measures designed to ensure the safety of user funds and transactions, particularly in the industry of online gaming, e-commerce, and online entertainment. The primary goal is to protect user funds and minimize losses due to operational risks or security vulnerabilities on the platform. Here are some common funds segregation measures:

Independent Account Management

One crucial measure in funds segregation is separating the management of user funds from platform operating funds. By storing user funds in an independent account, distinct from the platform’s own finances, the risk of mixing funds is eliminated.

Fund Supervision

Engage independent financial institutions or regulatory agencies to supervise and audit user fund accounts, ensuring accountability. By conducting regular inspections, you can verify the safety and integrity of these funds, providing users with confidence in the platform’s financial practices.

Fund Transparency

Implement features that enable users to query their fund transactions and account statements, allowing them to monitor their account status at any time. This transparency fosters user trust and gives them greater confidence in the platform’s management of their funds.

Risk Control

Establish risk control mechanisms that set limits and review processes for user fund operations, including withdrawals and transfers. These controls help to reduce the possibility of fund loss and effectively mitigate risks, contributing to a safer user experience.

Insurance Protection

Acquire fund security insurance to provide extra protection for user accounts. This insurance ensures that users can receive compensation in the event of financial loss, offering peace of mind and strengthening the platform’s commitment to safeguarding their funds.

Legal Compliance

Adhere to relevant laws and regulations to ensure that fund segregation measures comply with legal standards. This compliance helps protect user rights and guards against illegal operations or fraudulent activities, reinforcing the platform’s commitment to lawful and ethical practices.


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