Euro Cup 2020 Results & Euro Cup White Label Site Building

UEFA Euro 2020, also known as Euro Cup 2020, is the 16th UEFA Champions League. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the UEFA Champions league, 24 teams will tour 12 cities to compete against each other without a host country, which bears very special significance. The group matches will run from 11th of June 11 to 23rd of June, featuring 36 group matches. The 24 teams will be allocated into 6 groups, where the top two in each group and the third place in the best four groups will successfully stand out and qualify for the knockout stage. Both the semi-finals and finals were held at Wembley Stadium in London.


Group Matches Schedule

Euro Cup Scoreboard

Knockout Stage to Qualify for the Quarterfinals

  • After a fierce battle of 120 minutes between Italy and Austria, Italy beat Austria with a score of 2-1 to enter the quarterfinals.
  • Belgium defeated Portugal by a slim margin of 1-0 to enter the quarterfinals.
  • Denmark faced off with Wales, and finally, after battling it out for 90 minutes, Denmark beat its opponent by a landslide with a score of 4-0 and advanced to the quarterfinals.
  • Team Czech faced off with Team Netherlands. At the 54th minute, the Dutch central defender De Ligt committed a handball violation and sat out the game. Czech defeated the Netherlands by 2-0 and advanced to the Top 8.
  • England took down Germany by 2-0 and entered the quarterfinals
  • Ukraine scored a lore goal at the 121st minute during extra time and defeated Sweden by 2-1 to advance to the Top 8.
  • Spain was defeated by Croatia 5-3 during extra time and successfully advanced to the quarterfinals.
  • The French team and Swiss team tied at 3-3 during extra time. Finally, the Swiss team won 5-4 in the final penalty shootout and advanced to the quarterfinals.


Euro Cup 2020 Quarterfinalists (Top 8)

Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, England, Ukraine, Spain, Switzerland


  • Both Switzerland and Spain did not score any goals during extra time and entered the final penalty shootout.
  • Ultimately, Spain won Switzerland by a narrow margin with a score of 4-2, qualifying for the semifinals.
  • Italy defeated Belgium by 2-1, making waves while qualifying for the semifinals.
  • Denmark beat Czech Republic by 2-1 to advance into the semifinals.
  • England demolished Ukraine by 4-0 and made it to the Top 4.

Euro Cup 2020 Semifinalists (Top 4)

Italy, England, Spain, Denmark


  • England VS Denmark: At the end of the first half, both teams tied at 1-1. Later, both teams engaged in fierce battle for 120 minutes during extra time, ending with England eliminating Denmark at 2-1.
  • Italy VS Spain: Match ended with a tie at 1-1. During extra time both teams did not score, the match went into the final penalty shootout. Ultimately, Italy took down Spain with the final score of 5-3.


Italy VS England: The Ultimate Showdown! Both Teams Waited 53 Years for the Championship
Both Italy and England had long awaited the Euro Cup Championship for 53 years.
In the first half, Luke Shaw managed to bag the first goal of the match, allowing England to lead at 1:0. In the second half, Italy, who was short by 1 goal, broke free from the disadvantage when Bonucci scored one from the goal line at the 67th minute and made it 1-1 for Italy. After 90 minutes of fierce fighting, it was still tied at 1:1, and neither side scored during extra time. Ultimately, it came to a penalty shootout, England scored 2 goals in the penalty shootout, while Italy scored 3 goals. On 11th of July, 2021, Italy finally won 3-2 on penalties and was crowned again as the Euro Cup Champion after 53 years!
This month-long football fiesta finally closed its curtains at Wembley Stadium in London. Congratulations again to Italy for emerging victorious!

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