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IF you’re considering change a White Label Service Provider, KZING might have EVERYTHING you’ll ever need!

1. Crown Sports – Accepts high volume bets to attract more VIP players.
2. Cryptocurrency Payment – An additional payment gateway, the latest, safest & fastest payment method.
3. Sports LIVE Streaming – Our Sports App can satisfy all your needs.

Bet Limit is Too Low! No Excitement at All!

Need not to worry about the bet limit anymore! Our team noticed that many operators have big bettors whereby most of the gaming providers could not satisfy their needs. Hence, Kzing has worked together with Crown Sports to add in the biggest leagues in the world including the five major football leagues, the NBA and many more to satisfy players.

About CROWN Sports

● Crown Sports has been in the industry for many years for their trustworthy reputation & stable system.
● Crown Sports provides an average of 10,000 Live Sports Games per month.
● Crown Sports provides 24 hours professional customer service support to answer all your needs.
● Crown Sports covers all types of Sports Leagues with a variety of betting methods from all around the world.
● Major Football Leagues are covered with a very high betting limit.
In order to attract more VIP players, it’s crucial to have a high betting limit. Kzing provides the best betting platform & games to enhance the experience of your VIP players.

OLD ONES MUST GO! The latest payment method – Cryptocurrency

Recently, the China Government has been actively punishing online betting sites, especially transactions through RMB. For safety purposes, betting sites have slowly moved on to use cryptocurrency as their payment gateways, using cryptocurrency to replace RMB. Of course, Kzing is ready to follow on the trend, adding in USDT payment, bringing a more convenient top-up/withdrawal experience for the users & operators simultaneously.
Other than that, for newbies, USDT is much easier to use. From the user’s bank account to betting site’s USDT, it’s only a matter of hours.

What is Tether (USDT)?

Tether is the third-biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market value (as per 2021). Tether is what’s known as a stable coin. It is a digital currency tied to real-world assets — the U.S. dollar, for example — to maintain a stable value, unlike most cryptocurrencies such as (Ethereum & Bitcoin) which are known to be volatile.

Why Choose Tether (USDT)?

1. Intuition: USDT is tied with USD’s value, 1 USD is equivalent to 1 USDT.
2. Stability: As the value of USDT is tied with legal currencies, players can have lower risks due to currency fluctuation.
3. Transparent: Tether claims that its fiat currency accounts are regularly audited to ensure that every USDT circulated is backed by a corresponding US Dollar. Users are free to inquire about funds via Tether’s platform to ensure transparency.

The Advantages of USDT in the iGaming Industry

1. Transaction costing: The transaction costs of using USDT is much lower than the cost of using other payment channels.
2. Swift Transaction: Reload/ Top-ups are almost instant and definitely faster and much reliable than other types of banking.
3. Risk reduction: As bank cards are having frequent transactions, there’s a risk of exposure by the bank’s risk management. On the other hand, USDT would not have such a problem as users can make transactions freely to solve such a burden.
Gaming platforms have started to use cryptocurrency as one of their payment channels. USDT is an obvious choice as it has limitless quota, stable, fast transaction speed & overall reliability, in line with a reliable & scalable fund management solution. Other than USDT, other mainstream cryptocurrencies are also available on our platform such as Bitcoin & Ethereum.


Set up your site with Kzing and you’ll get the best system you’ve ever dreamt of. Other than having Crown Sports the multi-variant betting platform & the easy-to-use Sports App, Cryptocurrency payment method will be a much simpler, cheaper, safer & a much more reliable way to manage your funds, making transaction processing smoother than ever. Believe that in the near future, Cryptocurrency will be much more widely used & now Kzing has access to most of the major cryptocurrencies that exist in the market.
With the customer’s point of view as the starting point, Kzing’s team will try our best to satisfy what it is the customer wants & what it is the market needs. So, what are you waiting for? Move your site to us! Let US serve you better!

For any inquiries in our products & services, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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