What are the main types of games on the Casino Game Platform?

What are the main types of games in the Casino Platform?

The development of the internet network has driven the white label company to be more advanced. Their comprehensive services in turn speed up the process of creating a betting platform and eventually lowered down the threshold of building a betting website. Also, with the inflow of more players, major platforms have also begun to introduce various game types according to market demand to increase player adhesiveness.


Types of casino games

There are currently seven main categories of the most popular online casino games.

Chess and Cards

There are endless chess and card games on the market, mainly focusing on experience, UI UX friendly and AI technology to provide players with a better and fairer betting experience. In addition, there are many ways to play chess and cards to meet the various needs of players.


Kzing has integrated many casino games, including the most popular lottery game on the market. The lottery game that Kzing integrated supports multiple countries and multiple languages according to market need.

Live Streaming

What attracts players the most is the live streaming game. This is because this game has the highest authenticity. In addition, the advanced game design and the eye-catching dealers are indispensable. Live streaming games include baccarat, Texas hold ’em, roulette and so on.


The two most important factors that make sports betting the hottest game are the ability of the trading team and live broadcast of international events. The trading team needs to understand various sports types to adjust the odds according to the real-time schedule. Taking football as an example, it includes, various behavioral factors such as shooting, fouls, corners, etc. International events include the Football World Cup, FIFA World Cup, Premier League, World Basketball Championship, NBA, etc. After all, the scores of these events are uncontrollable, and everything is based on the official results.


Due to the pandemic, many e-sports events have converted to online competitions, which has promoted the development of e-sports on various gaming platforms. The platform can push relevant data such as team wins and losses, game time and odds to players. Popular events include heroes. League, DOTA2, Counter-Strike, etc. In addition, Kzing also provides an e-sports white label solution.


The fishing game is popular all over the world and is a classic game type in the betting platform.

Electronic slot machine

To run an excellent electronic slot machine game business, you must first meet 3 conditions, the first is the number of game types, the second is the vivid interactivity, and the accumulated bonus amount. The more players that participate, the higher the jackpot. Furthermore, the game rules of slot machines are also easy to understand and become the favourite game of players.


Kzing understands that the operators will be troubled by the complexity of back end system technology, personnel and capital needed to build a iGaming platform. We provide various professional technologies to stably integrate the major game APIs mentioned above, and provide PC version, Mobile App, Html5 full front-end support, allowing players to experience online betting at any time, anywhere.


The hotbed of technology has assisted the growth of various white label companies. Of course, to integrate a large number of game APIs, white label companies need certain technology, personnel, and investment. In order to improve customer confidence and reduce investment risks, Kzing’s comprehensive one stop white label service allows customers to easily create an online casino site. The service also includes servers, IT team, a powerful stable background, platform system, website templates, as well as multi-channel payment system, third-party payment, cryptocurrency, etc., to help operators maintain platform operations.


With the changes in the market and player behavior, Kzing is constantly understanding the needs of merchants and players and hence developed the ultimate version of the comprehensive APP, improved the game page, discount & membership functions, and added the APP custom back end features and function, allowing operators to set back end system according to the respective purpose, and now it is more catering to the needs of the markets in Southeast Asia. The operators can ask for the player’s contact information through the social media function, and the player can now also contact the customer service through social media, adding an interactive channel. The perfect betting software provider must include a comprehensive APP and a Sports APP, and there is no additional cost to get the APP at the same time. To test the APP features, you can scan the QR code to find out. This is an APP you deserve!


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