Strategies to Captivate and Retain Players in the Vietnam and Thailand

Kzing has recently launched new white label templates for various markets, conducted an annual app upgrade, and carried out comprehensive reforms to their backend system. These enhancements are designed to better assist you in operating your platform, particularly in the Thai and Vietnamese markets, by providing robust traffic support. This article will explore the new features and improvements, explaining how they can help you achieve success in the Thai and Vietnamese markets.


Promoting the Thai and Vietnamese Markets: New Features to Boost Your Traffic

Kzing’s new white label features are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Thai and Vietnamese markets. Here are some key features that will help you attract traffic and operate more efficiently:


Mini Game (Lucky Spin)

To increase player engagement and satisfaction, Kzing has introduced a mini-game feature, specifically the Lucky Spin. This mini game allows players to experience excitement before placing bets. By playing the game, they can win prizes or credit for betting. This strategy not only enhances the entertainment experience for players but also boosts their stickiness and loyalty. 


Integration Social Media

Given the high penetration of social media in the Thai and Vietnamese markets, Kzing has introduced one-click login features for LINE and ZALO on white label platforms. This feature significantly simplifies the registration process for new players, lowering the barrier to entry and allowing them to start their gaming experience more quickly, ultimately improving conversion rates. This seamless integration allows for more personalized and effective marketing strategies, leveraging the social media habits of the user base. 


Credit Betting and Cash Betting

Kzing offers a diverse range of operating models on white label platforms, covering both credit betting and cash betting options. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable operating mode based on the varying needs of the Thai and Vietnamese markets. The credit betting mode emphasizes trust and credibility, while cash betting focuses more on the convenience and transparency of cash transactions. By offering this flexible selection, you can better meet the needs of different player demographics, enhancing your market competitiveness.


Localized Templates

To better serve the Thai and Vietnamese markets, Kzing’s white label has collaborated closely with local teams to launch localized templates. These templates align with the aesthetic preferences and usage habits of local users. Through these customized UI designs, your platform will be more attractive and user-friendly, allowing you to better attract and retain local players. Click on the following link to view the meticulously designed templates by Kzing’s white label and experience the unique charm.


Exclusive Demo Websites for Thailand and Vietnam 


Kzing provides you with the best support and services

Whether you are planning to enter the Vietnamese market or set sail in Thailand, Kzing is fully committed to providing you with the best support and services. We understand that each market has its unique demands and challenges, which is why we are dedicated to offering tailored solutions for every operator. Through continuous technological innovation and market research, our goal is to help you stand out in the fierce competition and achieve long-term success.


Kzing is fully committed to supporting your traffic acquisition efforts, helping you achieve great success in the markets of Thailand and Vietnam!


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