White Label Crypto Casino Software

If you are looking for white label crypto casino software, Kzing has the right solution for you. Our white label casino gambling software solutions have earned us a reputation for excellence in Asia for the past ten years. Our expertise and innovation are highly sought after by clients worldwide.

There are numerous exciting online casino games to choose from, including live casinos, poker, video games, slots, sports betting, and poker, all available through our crypto casino solution.

We will deliver you our fully functional, ready-made bitcoin casino platform within seven to fourteen days. It is fully scalable and can be customised to meet your crypto casino needs.

In recent years, Kzing took a leap into the cryptocurrency revolution by allowing our customers to place bets using digital currencies on its gambling platform. We offer users unprecedented security and increased convenience by offering crypto payment options.

Our online casino software supports many major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT). We are also happy to accommodate requests for additional currencies.

Partnering with Kzing will ensure that running your own casino will be an effortless and seamless experience. You can trust us to provide you with the necessary support and expertise to make your venture a success.

Why Choose Kzing’s White Label Casino Software?

Although many bitcoin casino solutions are available in the online casino industry, they are not all the same. It’s always a good idea to prioritize quality, and with our ready-to-launch white label casino software, you’ll be able to get started quickly, easily, and without headaches.

By using our white label casino solution, you can save a considerable amount of money, time, and effort that would otherwise be required to develop a platform from scratch. Here’s how:

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An Omnichannel solution

Your casino gaming platform is accessible to players anywhere, anytime, using a computer, mobile device, or tablet.


Free Demo

With our complete pre-built websites, you can experience real online bitcoin casino games like your users.


Crypto Payment Integration

Players can quickly and conveniently make fast payments with our enhanced payment systems. This includes accepting a wide range of secure crypto transactions with lower transaction fees. By integrating our cryptocurrency wallets, players can instantly place wagers with major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT.


Higher Levels of Security

With our bitcoin casino solution, we ensure the financial security of your payments since cryptocurrency payments cannot be reversed. Our priority is to protect your data and ensure that transactions are as safe as possible.


Free Business Consultations

The success of your business is ours too! Our consultants will work with you to find the best bitcoin casino solution that fits your business model. 


Get Free Updates

After the project launch, any subsequent system and bitcoin casino software updates are free for all operators.

Benefits of Our White Label Casino Platform

Featuring over 1,000 games from 80 casino game providers, Kzing has something for everyone. With our established white label crypto casino solution, you can confidently build your online gambling site, knowing your users will be able to access and enjoy their favourite games.


Expertise that spans more than 10 years

As a leading provider of a white label solution for iGaming platforms in Asia, Kzing works closely with our clients from the very beginning to ensure their vision is realised.

With our white label online casino solution, we have everything you need to launch or refresh your casino brand, no matter where you are in the process.


A One-stop Solution

We offer over 300 ready-made casino website templates integrated with popular payment methods and betting games. Our white label solution is intuitive, easy to use, customisable, and ready-made.


Market Growth

The Asian markets we serve include China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Korea, and Japan. We offer a white label solution that simplifies your efforts in setting up a presence in Asian markets by offering local languages, payment gateways, and games that Asian customers prefer


An Experienced Team of Software Developers

Our experienced software development team develops casino solutions under the supervision of experts in the casino industry. Our backend system is designed for high levels of scalability and security.


100+ Growing Asian Clients

We ensure the long-term success of our clients' bitcoin casino business with personalised attention

24/7 365 全天候支持

Live support 24/7/365

Our dedicated technical support team is always available to assist your team in solving any technical issues. We strive to provide players with the most enjoyable online gaming experience.

Main Features of Our Crypto Casino Software Package

With our extensive experience in the Asian gambling industry, we pride ourselves on providing the best white label gaming solution in the region. 

Among the key features of our bitcoin casino software are:

Back Office Management

Back-office Management

Administrators control a full range of system functions, including player registration and fund management.

Registration and Profile Management

Our Bitcoin casino software requires players to deposit before playing for security and assurance for both parties. Joining is easy; we accept Google, email, mobile phones, and other social networks, and players can register as members easily by just a click connecting to their social media accounts.

Payment System

You can easily make secured transactions with our casino software, which accepts credit card payments, online banking, and major cryptocurrencies.

Rewards and Bonus System

Rewards and Bonus System

Having an attractive bonus program to entice players is essential to your business’s success. With our white label online casino system, you can attract players with a dynamic reward structure to increase player engagement and achieve profitability.


Affiliate System

Generate additional revenue with our powerful affiliate system – recruit more players and watch your earnings soar. We make it easy and exciting for players to promote your casino platform by allowing them to see their sales and affiliate earnings progress.


Social Media Integration

Using social media accounts, players can contact customer support and share their online gambling experience via social media.


Security and Privacy

Our clients are protected from cyber-attacks while playing their favourite casino games from anywhere in the world via anti-hijack software, SSL authentication, and more.

Our Services

  • Clients can rely on us to help set up a back office to manage their bitcoin casinos.
  • We offer training to your back-office operations to ensure they are knowledgeable with our casino software.
  • We provide cryptocurrency casino website services, plus free expert consultations.
  • Our website offers a wide selection of bitcoin casino templates to choose from.

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Crypto Friendly Online Casino Game Providers

Kzing integrates with game providers’ APIs so you can select games from various leading publishers. Here are the following casino game providers that we work with:

Popular Casino Games


Live Dealer Casino

Read more >

There are many types of games in the live casino platform, and they are mainly made up of several aspects such as dealers, smooth game operation, and stability of the live casino lobby environment. The live dealer games broadcast is stable, with many professional yet attractive dealers to meet players’ visual and entertainment needs. Operators can choose from multiple popular online platforms we have integrated into our system. 

体育包网 - 篮球赛事

Sports Events

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All the integrated sports games offer a wide range of betting options. For example, they have more than 30 different sports to bet on, including football, basketball, tennis and more, giving players a lot of choice and flexibility when placing bets. The sports game platforms provide betting options on the market’s odds, meaning users have a higher chance of winning. Moreover, the game has a user-friendly interface, designed to be easy to use even for those unfamiliar with online sports betting. 



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There are many different eSports bets available in the market. From handicap betting to which team draws the first blood – and everything in between, they all contribute to an exciting round of eSports betting. Current iGaming providers offer a variety of games and an extensive betting market for every match. They also provide pre-match, in-field betting options, live matches and excellent odds. They have comprehensive coverage for large and small eSports tournaments and sometimes even open temporary markets for niche tournaments. All these betting features will significantly increase punters’ attention, engagement, and transaction volume.

Poker Cards

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Bullfighting is one of the most popular, fast-paced and exciting casual poker card games. The game consists of 2 to 6 players, with a total of 54 cards (including the big and small kings). Each player is dealt 5 cards in each round, of which A-9 represent points 1-9 respectively. 10JQK and the big and small kings jointly represent point 10. Players combine the 5 cards in their hands, form a designated card type according to the rules, and then compare the value sizes with the dealer to determine the outcome. Other exciting poker card games include Fighting Dragon and Tiger压庄龙虎, Thirteen Waters十三水, Sangong三公, Fighting the Landlord斗地主, Five Lucky Cards幸运五张, Speedy Golden Flower极速炸金花.


Lottery Jackpot

Read more >

There are four types of lottery and five ways to play. The four types include Instant, Lotto, Digital Number, and Keno. The five ways to play are Scratch, 3D, Double Color Ball, seven-lottery, and Happy 8. Scratch is an instant lottery, double colour balls and seven-lottery games are all lottery-type lottery tickets, the 3D game is a digital lottery, and Happy 8 is a Keno-type lottery.



Read more >

There are different ways of playing and catching fish. There are various game modes such as “Challenge Mode”, “Arcade Mode”, “Specified Mission Mode”, “Ranking Mode”, etc. You can get a lot of gold coins and rewards by completing the task requirements and ranking in each mode. Although it is a fishing game, it is still the same as business games. It takes time to manage and develop.



Read more >

There are many types of slot games available for players to choose from. There are classic slot machines, video slot machines, bonus slot machines, multi-line slot machines, and progressive slot machines. Once players know which slot machine appeals to them, they can easily enjoy playing. Slot machines accept wagers of various denominations and allow players to wager a certain amount of tokens on each pay line. This allows users with different budgets to feel that the game fits their economic needs.



Read more >

The game mechanics of “cockfighting” are simple yet addictive; it has a colourful graphic design and is suitable for all ages. The game aims to connect your chicken numbers with betting numbers to score points. The game can be played with two or more players and has different rules for different numbers of players. Games can also be played in teams. There are different gaming modes in cockfighting. The most popular mode is “Battle Mode”, where users compete against each other to see who can get the most points. There’s also a “co-op mode,” where users team up to play against the computer. There are also several difficulty levels to choose from. The game is easy to pick up and play and has a long history. 

Customer Reviews

Kzing has an experienced software development team capable of implementing unique features and solutions for my platform. They also fulfilled specific functionalities for our platform’s needs to prepare us for success in the iGaming market.

Thank you very much for the iGaming white label solutions provided by Kzing. The UX/UI design is sleek and engaging, and has increased player retention for my business. It has also enabled us to stand out in the highly competitive iGaming industry.

I am eager to build a website. Kzing provided me with iGaming white label solutions in a timely manner. They are reliable! I really like their service!

Kzing is a reliable white label solutions provider which has consistently provided high-quality iGaming solutions to industry operators. If you're new to the industry, they have plenty of resources to help you grow in the market.

It's amazing that I was able have my very own Sports betting platform and comprehensive APP in such a short period of time! Players can easily place bets using the APP.

Bitcoin Casino Website Development Process Flow

  • 1

    An agreement is made between both parties. The client pays in advance.

  • 2
    Brand Materials

    Clients are responsible for providing website content and requirements.

  • 3
    Website Development

    Website development and technical support.

  • 4

    (i) Change requests made within 5 days of receiving website.
    (ii) User Acceptance Testing (UAT) after modifications are done. Website must go live within 2 weeks

  • 5

    Website is LIVE. Maintenance fees will be calculated from here onwards

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    White Label Crypto Casino FAQs

    The advantage of white label branding is that it reduces production costs, thus saving companies time, energy, and money.

    1. It saves you both time and money.
    2. You can expand your product offering (wide range of casino games).
    3. Increased speed of market entry.
    4. Better brand credibility with lower risk.
    5. Frees up your energy to focus on essential or operational matters.

    Here are some tips for starting a cryptocurrency-powered gambling business

    1. Decide your target audience and the market to enter
    2. Determine which white label casino developer to build your online casino with
    3. Ensure that players have a variety of games to choose from.
    4. Create a user-friendly website and app for the casino.
    5. Make cryptocurrencies a part of your payment options.
    6. Consider other payment options as well.
    7. Market your casino.

    Yes, you can make on-demand customisations with our white label casino software. Please contact our sales consultant

    Create Miracle with Asia's Strongest White Label