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HC Slots

About HC Slots

  • The world’s top online gaming company, ten years of online experience
  • Stable to withstand a large number of players concurrent access and high-speed downloads
  • Intelligent protection against hacker attacks
  • Support various currencies (including virtual coins)
  • Highly efficient launch of new games
  • Hundreds of slots and fishing games, earn as much as you want!


HC: Helps You Earn!

  • Stable payouts, diverse gameplay, original localized games and specialty slots. The industry’s first cockfighting slots, soccer-themed penalty shootout, elimination games, fishing, combining the nature of amusement and entertainment. There are also traditional slots that are addictive once players try them!
  • Providing users with a beautiful picture, diverse gameplay, fair and impartial characteristics of the slot machine game.
  • The game has an industry-leading numerical core, which makes the game more stable. Combined with the natural probability, it can ensure the fairness of the game and the winning rate.
  • Diversified styles and specialty games are available for players from all walks of life.

HC : Million-Dollar Gifts Waiting for You!

God of Fortune

Open the door to receive the God of Fortune and win unlimited free plays bonus!

皇朝电子 财神到

Fruit 777

Multiple full reel prizes, free spins, nostalgia for the classic 777

皇朝电子 水果777

Penalty Shootout

Win the championship with a single goal and win millions of dollars!
Connect and enter the penalty kicks game to win millions of dollars!

皇朝电子 点球大战

King of Fighters

Going retro with the arcade

皇朝电子 拳皇

The LEGO Movie

Fun at LEGO, easy to win prizes


  • Multi-player game Full of gold coins
  • Automatic Hanging Machine Free your hands to win a lot of prizes
  • Full-screen bombs, full-screen explosion of gold coins.
  • Multi-player network, compete with fishing masters on the same screen
  • Classic Fishing The arcade game you never get tired of playing

皇朝电子 金蟾捕鱼

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