Gaming Platform Introduction – BBIN – XBB Slots

XBB Slot Games

XBB Slots is a slots game brand developed by different research and development teams within BBIN. It differs from BB Slots in terms of game quantity and variety, core game development, game interfaces, and jackpot structure. The game types include “multi-line and classic slot machines,” “fishing machines,” “featured games,” and “large-scale machines.” Currently, at least one new game is released steadily every month, and the number of games continues to rise.


Unique Four-tier Jackpot Design

  • “Golden Diamond God Prize” and “Big Diamond Giant Prize” are randomly awarded high-value prizes


Popular Elimination Games

  • “Candy Party” and “Candy Party 2”
  • Innovative gameplay of “Connected Elimination” paired with “Chain Achievement”
  • Multi-level level design and pass restrictions


Three Self-developed Fishing Games

  • Fishing Great Sage
  • Fishing God of Wealth
  • Fishing Dragon King

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