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BB Slots

BB Slot Games

BB caters to a variety of preferences, meeting the tastes of players in various markets around the world. The diverse range of games includes “Multi-line and Classic Slot Machines”, “Fishing Machines”, “Tabletop Games”, and “Large-scale Machines”. Currently, at least one new game is released online every month, with a total of over a hundred games.


Unique Four-Tier Jackpot Design

  • GRAND-BBIN: Linked Super Jackpot 
  • MAJOR: Dominant Jackpot 
  • MINOR: Dual Dragon Jackpot 
  • MINI: Solo Win Jackpot Popular Elimination Games in the Market


Popular Elimination Games

  • “Candy Party” and “Treasures of the Rings” series games
  • Innovative gameplay of adjacent pattern elimination, with limitless bonus multipliers
  • “Parlay-style Achievement Gameplay” allows players to progress to the next stage for higher bonuses upon meeting clearance conditions

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