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BBIN Fishing

BBIN Fishing Games

In response to the rising trend of fishing games in the market, BBIN has developed four fishing games: “Fishing Master,” “Fishing Master 2,” “Fishing Grand Master,” and “Rich Fishing Ground.” Each game has its own unique gameplay, catering to different groups of fishing players.

Fishing Master:

  • Online system
    Supports up to four players to enjoy fishing together
  • Quick change of points function
    For uninterrupted firing
  • Fish tide attack reward system
    Highest odds up to 200 times; killing special fish species doubles the bonus
  • Four special moves for a comprehensive catch
    “Automatic Shooting,” “Summon,” “Freeze,” “Designate,” and “Rage,” providing players with flexible use and easy enjoyment 

Fishing Master 2:

  • Special function fish species and items
    “Lightning Fish” and “Cross Flame” can kill fish groups on a large scale.
  • Upgrade rewards
    Adds “Free Shooting” rewards in the game, allowing players to have 10 seconds of free bullet shooting time.
    Increases the frequency of bonus fish appearances to once every 3 minutes, each lasting 60 seconds.
    The mini-game “Happy Roulette” offers players high multiplier rewards to try their luck.

Fishing Grand Master:

  • Online system
    Supports up to four players to enjoy fishing together
  • Free rewards and special items
    “Raging Pufferfish” will upgrade with the player’s shooting, with higher levels offering more bonuses.
    Accumulated bullet shooting can trigger the “Lucky Charm” feature, randomly giving out free bonuses.
    Triggers a “Fish Tide Attack” every 4-6 minutes, with a guaranteed hit on a large school of fish every time.

Rich Fishing Ground:

  • Various new types of bonus fish
    Capturing “Big Three Elements,” “Big Four Happiness,” and “Bonus Fish” may earn additional multiplier bonuses.
  • Grabbing red envelope mini-activity
    Randomly gives out 1-5 red envelope rewards.
  • Innovative features
    “Area Attack Turret” and “Accelerated Shooting” paired with rich rewards, promising players a brand new fishing experience.

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