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AE Slots

  • AE Gaming provides you with innovative gaming experience
  • Stable and reliable values.
  • Adhering to the straight design, cell phone play without flipping
  • Supports all your devices and languages
  • Built-in marketing tools to enhance your gaming experience
  • Mini-games can be dragged and dropped and dual-open support

With years of R&D and operation experience in Asia, Europe and the United States, AE Gaming’s core team has assembled the industry’s elite, studied the market needs, and endeavored to develop high-end HTML5 games that lead the way in business opportunities by adhering to the tenets of customer benefit as the first priority, professional R&D, stable products, smooth loading, and diversified innovations.


AE Gaming’s popular and explosive games

AE Gaming’s variety of ingenious themes and vivid gameplay bring infinite imagination to the games, which you will love to play.

  • Color Disk
  • Guess the Size
  • Golden Cow
  • Moonlight Battle – Werewolf 
  • Rebirth of Fire
  • Rocket Bingo
  • Joker
  • Fortune Tree
  • Magic Voodoo
  • Moonlight War – Vampire – League of Legends

Straightforward connection Full support for all currencies Support for virtual currencies (single/transfer wallets)

Support for Asian Languages

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Malay



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