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UG Sportbook

Our Sports Betting product has at least thousand sporting events every day for your sports betting fans, it is the best choice of platform for your sports fans.

It is designed with complete custom solutions for our client in which they could reduce their business operational cost and importantly they would have their own brand designed in the sports betting product, including all sport leagues and event. If you are seeking to reduce the operating costs, or you wish to get the most updated sports betting offerings, United Gaming will endeavor to assist you, allowing you to focus more on marketing and promotion.

Apart from the custom solutions, our sports betting product has also integrated with user-friendly interface combined with the best API integration, not only matching with modern requirements but increasing the maintainability of the system. Powerful and easy for our client and players to understand the interface, it is the best choice of sports betting platform. 

The features of our sports betting offerings include the following;

  • Transfer Wallet
  • Seamless Wallet
  • Multiple Languages System
  • Multiple Currencies System
  • 5 Color Themes lobby
  • HTML5 Smartphone Betting
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Quick Settlement
  • Insurance System for Trade
  • Preferences Setting

Mobile Betting

With the rapid revolution and because of the diffusion of smartphone and tablets, combined with the explosion of ease-access wireless broadband, mobile betting has become globally fast-growth user platform.
With the increasingly amount of user, we are inspired to develop a unique and sophisticated HTML5 based product which provides world-leading user experience, with smooth navigation and intuitive betting, in order to follow the trend of the smartphone.
With the present mobile facilities and technologies, we have also developed an optimized, cutting edge and the best entertaining mobile HTML5-based product with easy and smooth navigation and intuitive betting to online players. As such our operators are able to operate complex and powerful application program with no hassle and worries.
Our mobile betting has been featured with a complete banking and payout functionality and elements to smoothen and secure the transaction process.
In addition, mobile betting is also the ultimate channel for in-play betting in which it has been proven to be the preferred betting channel for players, because they can actually carry their bets at all times.

Innovative Betting Mode & Play Mode

Custom Fantasy

Soccer Revolution! Ignore restrict between any leagues and teams in Soccer, By create your own Custom Fantasy match. All it’s up to you.
Custom Fantasy are pairing teams from different matches. Player can create fantasy match by combining respective teams from the events in Today and Live on player’s own will. This gameplay can satisfy you to witness seamless matchups between events all the time, so any match that you ever imagined can be obtained!

Mobile Version:
Desktop Version:

System Parlay Way

System Parlay Way is a breakthrough of tradition of Mix Parlay that only able to select one market types in a single event.
System Parlay Way is able to satisfy you simultaneously select multiple market types such as Handicap, Over/Under, 1×2 or any available market types in a single event on one mix parlay ticket. And will not have the restriction of choosing single market type in one mix parlay ticket, which will enhance the profit of combination and resulting better in returns.


Mobile Version:
Desktop Version:

UG Combo

UG Combo mode allow you to using the least amount to place bet on multiple parlay combo. Which able to let you participate more parlay combo with the least stake earning more chance of winning,Reduce investment costs and get the best profit result。As long as the parlay require double of the original stake you will be able to choose the UG Combo mode.


Parlay Combo ticket which need to pay 6 dollar while the original stake are just 1 dollar. Choosing UG Combo will allow you to place bet with the same combination but just paying 1 dollar instead of 6 dollar,however the payout for this UG Combo will needed to divide by 6 while getting the winning amount.

Mobile Version:
Desktop Version:

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