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BBIN Lottery

BB Lottery Games

BB Lottery not only offer official lotteries from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but also leverage BBIN’s game development expertise to provide players with a variety of “Self-Draw Lotteries.” With over 50 games, BB Lottery has one of the most comprehensive lottery game offerings in the current market. The self-draw lotteries include two modes: “Physical Ball Machine Drawing” and “RNG (Random Number Generation) Drawing”. The results of self-draw lotteries are genuine and fair, supported by verification from multiple sources.

Integrated Lobby and Betting Interfaces for Both Versions

  • Players can choose between the “Traditional Version” and “Official Version” of the betting interface
  • The integrated lottery lobby displays the countdown progress for each game’s bets
  • One-click to open the interface for betting on similar lottery groups and to track betting history

Introduction to Featured Lottery Games:

  • Common official lotteries in China, such as: Mark Six, 3D Lottery, etc.
  • Popular Korean lotteries “Ladder Game” and “Classic Ladder”
  • Popular Southeast Asian game “BB Fan Tan”
  • New type of game “BB Baccarat Lottery A~E”
    using BB Live Baccarat table results for drawing, supporting real-time card dealing to enhance the fairness of game results
  • Blockchain lottery games
    Third-party verification technology encrypts the drawing process and results, making it impossible to tamper with the results, increasing players’ trust in self-draw lotteries

Betting Assistance – Dragon Road Tracking & Customized Tracing

Traditional version interface with “Dragon Road Tracking” function

  • Aggregates drawing records to provide players with information on “Continuous Draw” and “Continuous Not Drawn”

Official version interface with “Customized Tracing” function

  • Supports two tracing modes: “Same Multiplier Tracing” or “Multiplier Tracing”

Customize parameters such as “Number of Traces” and “Bet Multiplier” to easily complete tracing plans

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